Ψ-k  Workshop

Strong electron correlation effects in complex d- and f-based magnetic materials for technological applications
Prague, 30. June - 2. July 2014


Strongly correlated metals, alloys, oxides, their surfaces, interfaces and heterostructures continue to be very creative and active research themes in condensed matter physics. These fields are progressing very fast and continue branching into increasingly wider areas of condensed matter. This involves the spintronics including spin-orbit related effects, the topological matter, the magnetoelectric coupling, the positive magnetic anisotropy, or the multiferroicity at oxide interfaces and heterostructures.

It is widely recognized that the first-principles based calculations of strongly correlated materials are important for understanding their physical and chemical properties. The quantitative materials theory makes remarkable impact on the modern technology. This workshop aims to disseminate the present knowledge in this rich and vivid field. We invite both theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss development and applications of the correlated band methods based on a combination of the density functional theory and the dynamical mean field theory. Apart from the talks, there will be time for individual discussions between the participants.

Special attention will be given to: