Ψ-k  Workshop

Strong electron correlation effects in complex d- and f-based magnetic materials for technological applications
Prague, 30. June - 2. July 2014

Invited Speakers

V. Antropov (Ames, US) Constituents of magnetic anisotropy and screening of spin orbital coupling in magnets
I. Di Marko (Uppsala, SE) Correlated electronic structure in LDA+DMFT: from transition metal oxides to rare earth compounds
H. Ebert (Munchen, DE) Correlation effects in transition metal nano-systems treated by means of the LSDA+DMFT scheme
R. Hlubina (Bratislava, SK) Unconventional metal-insulator transition in Fe(Si,Ge)
M. Jarrell (Baton Rouge, US) A Typical Medium Dynamical Cluster Approximation for the Study of Anderson Localization in Three Dimensions
M. Katsnelson (Nijmegen, NL) Spin dynamics and magnetic interactions from the first- and second-principles calculations
J. Kunes (Prague, CZ) Excitonic condensation in systems of strongly correlated electrons
A. I. Lichtenstein (Hamburg, DE) Non-local electron correlation effects
P. Markos (Bratislava, SK) Metal-Insulator Anderson transition: numerical results
J. Minar (Munchen, DE) Application of LDA+DMFT to HAXPES
P. Novak (Prague, CZ) Crystal field and magnetism with Wannier functions: rare-earth oxides
Y. Mokrousov (Julich, DE) Transverse Hall and Nernst effects in thin films from first principles
P. Oppeneer (Uppsala, SE) Calculations of spin lifetimes in metals
L. Petit (Daresbury, UK) First principles study of valence and structural transitions in rare earth compounds under pressure
G. Rohringer (Vienna, AU) Diagrammatic routes to nonlocal electronic correlations
A. Rubtsov (Moscow, RU) Many-body phenomena in correlated systems
D. Vollhardt (Augsburg, DE) Structural stability and lattice dynamics of correlated electron materials